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  • 2016-06-02 Difference of drying equipment in China and developed countries

    Drying equipment industry in China's develop, there are two main issues. 

    i、Precision drying equipment of quality is poor. High precision drying equipment c

  • 2016-06-01 Solutions to Failures of Sawdust Pellet Mill

    Biomass pellets produced by sawdust pellet mill may have cracks on surface. Sometimes, sawdust pellet mill has relatively high powder rate and low output. Reaso

  • 2016-05-31 Which Brand of Dryers Are the Best?

    Do you want to know how to choose dryer?

    In the face of the favorable development prospect of drying equipment, a lot of manufactures burst out on the market.

  • 2016-05-30 Brief introduction about bean dregs dryer

    Brief introduction about dryer:

    Bean dregs (soybean curb residue) is a kind of bound water, large oil-based materials, water is not easily to remove.According

  • 2016-05-30 Choosing drying equipment should consider element

    1. physicochemical properties of materials – forms, moisture content, moisture properties, crystal water, particle size, viscosity, heat-sensitive, soften

  • 2016-05-28 flat die and ring die difference

    Pellet mill has main two types : flat die type and ring die type, however,what difference is there between them? and how do we choose when we buy it?

    Main diff

  • 2016-05-27 Usage of Rotary Dryer

    Usage of rotary dryer is to dry different kinds of wet materials with low cost, and Dingli company dryer mainly are designed to dry wood chips, wood shavings,

  • 2016-05-26 wood pellet equipments

    As green energy has been advocated, wood pellet equipment emerges in the world. By processing wood and wood materials into pellets, biomass fuel is developing f

  • 2016-05-24 Importance of Ring Die for Wood Pellet Machine

    Dingli company came a good news, a Algeria's customers buy our prducts. The follwing is dingli company's know for wood pellet machine.

    Along with the develop

  • 2016-05-23 Knowledge of the biomass pellet mill

    As non-renewable energy resource is less and less, people more and more pay attention to renewable energy resource , renewable energy resource of a growing spa

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