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Hot sale potato pulp belt dehydrator dewatering machine

Potato residue dewatering machine is a large-scale dewatering equipment that realizes solid-liquid separation through mechanical extrusion.

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Dehydration scene video introduction of beer lees dehydrator

Dingli DL series dehydrator is a device that uses direct mechanical pressure to dehydrate wet materials. This machine is widely used in chemical, light industry, food and other industries.

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Forage Press Dehydrator Equipment Working Video

In order to let everyone understand the process of forage dehydration, today I will share a video of forage extrusion and dehydration.

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Analysis on the correct use steps of screw press

However, in order to obtain a good pressing effect, the equipment must be used correctly in a certain way; next, the screw press manufacturer will discuss how to use the equipment correctly.

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Dehydration effect of bean dregs belt dehydrator

The bean dregs belt dehydrator is suitable for the dehydration of slag materials, such as: beer lees, cassava dregs, bean dregs, sweet potato dregs, etc.

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City garbage screw dewatering machine for sale

Screw press garbage dehydrator is a kind of dewatering equipment that uses physical pressing. The equipment consists of transmission system, feed box, screw auger, screen, pneumatic device, water tank, frame parts

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