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Application of belt roller press dewatering machine in potato industry
Time: 2020-11-09Phone/Wechat: 156-7062-6070Author: Dingli
Guide:Application of belt roller press dewatering machine in potato industry

  Potato tubers produce large amounts of waste residue while processing starch, and the moisture content of the discharged wet potato residue is between 87% and 89%. The biggest problem in the reuse of potato starch processing by-product potato residue is dehydration. Its fiber is very small, and the fluidity of pectin is very good, especially the binding water contained in the cell wall of potato residue is difficult to remove. If the potato slag is not subjected to secondary dehydration, it will be difficult to store and transport, and polluting the surrounding environment will also bring a great burden to the enterprise. With the development of science and technology, the reuse of potato slag, a byproduct of potato starch processing, has been highly valued by the industry, and development and reuse are being continuously researched and tested. For example, potato dregs can produce animal feed, and can also produce bacterial protein wet feed after fermentation, and can also be used as organic farmyard fertilizer. The economic and social benefits of the reuse of potato slag, a byproduct of potato starch processing, are considerable.

  The belt type roller press dewatering machine is the most ideal equipment for water content after dewatering in China and abroad. It adopts the principle of super-strength roller extrusion. The main dewatering extrusion section adopts a very advanced and reliable "S" type roller press filter drainage extension combination. The design structure and the uniform tension of the filter belt. Greatly surpassed the dewatering effect and processing capacity of the traditional machine, the moisture content of the filter cake is 10-15% lower than that of the ordinary machine, and the processing capacity is 30-60% more than that of the ordinary machine. The control system of the belt belt speed regulation and rectification tensioning device is advanced in technology and equipped with dual-light safety control device, which is sensitive and reliable, and can ensure long-term stable operation. It is widely used in the separation of slag and water of roots, stems and leaves of various plants. The machine has high degree of automation, can run continuously for 24 hours, has large processing capacity, low moisture content of filter cake, energy saving, high efficiency, low operating cost and convenient use and maintenance. The powerful roller belt press has been put into operation in many large and medium-sized enterprises at home and abroad, with good results and well received by customers.

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