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Sweet potato powder residue dehydration equipment

Sweet potato dregs powder dregs dehydration equipment, also known as sweet potato powder dregs press, is a common equipment for reducing water content of sweet potato starch mill powder dregs.

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Project tracking: Jiangsu liquor lees drying project has entered the delivery process

Zhengzhou Dingli cooperated with a customer in Suqian, Jiangsu Province for the drying project of distilled grains, and the equipment is officially sent to Jiangsu after the production is completed.

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Okara Dewatering Machine video visually shows the whole process of Okara dehydration

Dingli soybean dregs dehydrator video visually shows the whole process of soybean dregs dehydration.

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How is the peel and pomace dehydrated?

What is the method for dehydration of the peel and pomace? This article gives you a brief introduction.

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Delivery: Straw drying and pelletizing production line equipment loading

The straw dryer ordered by the customer from our company has been manufactured, and the equipment is officially shipped after loading. The following is a picture of the equipment delivery site.

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Another Chinese medicine residue drying project is installed

After the Harbin Chinese medicine residue drying production line project was put into operation, another Chinese medicine residue drying project was completed.

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