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Spray absorption tower
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Spray absorption tower

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The spray absorption tower is a FRP circular tower, the concrete structure is composed of a liquid storage section, a circulating pump, a filling layer, a spray section, a section of the air inlet, a gas bearing layer, a supporting layer, a dewatering stuffing layer, and a wind section. Easy to operate, easy to install and maintenance, high strength, small area. The functions of each part are as follows:

Liquid storage part --to ensure that the spray liquid can be recycled, configuration and a liquid feeding pipe and in the pipette and filtering device to prevent clogging. Circulating pump - the power equipment to ensure the spray liquid working circularly Filler layer - in order to enlarge the contact area between the waste gas and the circulating liquid, and make the waste gas and the liquid uniformly and sufficiently. Spray section--The spray system, which is installed in the interior of the spray absorption tower, Spray head is installed on the spray pipe.which can ensure the contact effect between the waste gas and the circulating liquid.

The air intake section -- according to the size of design of air inlet section, the reasonable design can reduce air resistance, reduce energy consumption.

The distribution of gas--Can let the air flow distribution in the equipment, to ensure the overall treatment effect.

Support layer --It is mainly the supporting frame of the dewatering filler layer, but also plays a role in the strengthening of the equipment.

Dehydration filler layer--It is core part of processing equipment , playing the role of gas-liquid separation. At the same time, it can be to intercept the role of exhaust gas dust, particulate matter and floc.

Air outlet section--Buffer layer and discharge port

working principle:


The working principle of spray absorption tower is separating gas from the pollutants,transform into harmless substances, in order to achieve the purpose of purifying gas. Belong to the differential contact counter current, tower packing is a basic component of gas-liquid contact. It can provide a large surface area, the gas liquid flow and not cause too much resistance. Absorbent was the main media in treatment of waste gas, Processing units of gas consumption, by calculating the absorber on the packing in constant contact, the ascending airflow in liquid concentration is becoming more and more low, to reach the top of the tower to achieve emission requirements required to determine the amount.

Efficient dewatering demisting layer (mist eliminators)

When the gas with mist rising at a constant speed through the pretreatment layer, due to the inertia of mist rising, mist collide with the pretreatment layer is deposited on the surface of the pretreatment layer. Pretreatment layer on the surface of mist diffusion, gravitational settling mist, so mist form larger droplets along a pre-laminar flow to two wire junction points. Wettability of the pretreatment layer, the pretreatment layer and the surface tension of the liquid capillary action, so that the droplets increases, until large aggregates of droplets generated by its own gravity gas lift force exceeds the surface tension of the liquid when the force, the droplets falling from the pre-separation layer. After the gas passes through the pretreatment device, substantially free of mist. Pretreatment device collection efficiency of 98% -99.8%, and the gas pressure drop through the pretreatment device is very small, only 250-500Pa, help to improve the operating efficiency of the equipment.



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