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Hollow Paddle Dryer
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Hollow Paddle Dryer

Production capacity:10-100t/d

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Applicable for drying or cooling of paste, particle, powder and slurry state of material, perform the process of drying,cooling, heating, sterilizing, reacting and combustion under low temperature. The special stirring and heating transferring blade, makes high heat transferring efficiency, and provide self-cleaning function. The special chock shaped stirring and heat transferring blade has high heating efficiency and self-cleaning function of the heating transferring surface.

The blade dryer is successfully applied in food stuff, chemical,petrochemical,dyestuff,and industrial mud etc.The heating transferring,cooling and stirring characters enable it to perform the following unit operation: combustion (low temperature), cooling, drying (recovery of solvent), heating (melting),reacting and sterilizing. The stirring blade is heat transferring surface too, so to increase heat transferring area of unit effective volume is increased, and decrease processing time. The chock shaped heat transferring surface has self-cleaning function. Compressing and swell-stirring functions make the material mixed uniformly. The material perform the movement of "piston ow" along the shaft. The grads of the temperature, humidity and mixing effect are very small in the different axial area. The blade dryer is capable to perform combustion under low temperature if we adopt thermal oil as heating media, such as Ca Ca2SO4•2H2O is combusted into Ca2SO4•1/22H2O,NaHCO3is combusted into Na2HCO3 and so on. It’s capable for cooling process with water and chill salted water etc, such as base cooling machine in Na 2CO 3 industry, instead of the old style base air cooler , so to save power and the processing equipment for tail ai r, and save operation cost. Drying is the main function of this machine. Drying without hot air makes the process of solvent recovery , energy consumption, control of environment ideal, easy to teat. It’s specially applicable for recovery of solvent and heat sensitive material that is easy to be combusted or oxidized. It has been widely used in chemical, petrochemical, and dyestuff industries. The uniformity of temperature, humidity and mixing effect in axial areas make the equipment capable for heating and melting, or reaction of solid material. It’s successfully applied in mixed fertilizer and character transformed starch industries. The blade dryer is also capable for sterilizing food and starch. The big heating area in unit effective area, dry the material to sterilizing temperature very fast, so to avoid quality change caused by long time heating.

working principle:


  Hollow chock shaped blades are concentrated on the hollow shaft. Heat media flow through the blade from the hollow shaft. The heat transferring area in the effective volume is very high. The temperature range of heating media is -40 ℃ to 320 ℃ . It might be steam, or liquid state, such as steam, thermal oil etc. Indirect heating,there’s no heat carried out by air. All heat is utilized for to drying the material except the lost of heat insulation layers. The surface of chock shaped blade has self-cleaning function. The relative movements of the product particles and the chocked shaped surface might clean the material attached to the chock shaped surface,so to keep the cleanliness of heat transferring surface during working. The shell of hollow blade dryer is Ω shape. 2 or 4 pieces of hollow s tiring shaft are usually equipped in the shell. To avoid any leakage of material,there are sealed terminal cover and top cover with the shell. The heat transferring media flow through the rotation connector, jacket’s shell and hollow s tiring shaft.To ensure best transferring effect, the hollow stirring shaft adopts different interior structure in accordance with different heating media.



◎The heat consumption of blade is low: No heat carried out by the air because of indirect heating; there’s no heat insulation layer with the exterior wall of the dryer. It consumes 1.2 kg of steam to evaporate 1kg of water for to drying slurry state of material. ◎The cost of the blade dryer is low: The unit effective volume has very large heat transferring surface, so the processing time is shorted, the size of the equipment becomes small. The building area and place are sharply decreased.

◎The range of material to be processed is wide: Heat sensitive material and the materials to be processed under high temperature might be processed with different heating media. The normal media are: steam, thermal oil, hot water and chill water. It might be continuous or batch operation, widely used in many areas.

◎The pollution is less: Without any carrying air, very few powder is carried out. The solvent evaporated is very few, it easy to be processed. For the material that might cause pollution or the solvent to be recovered, it might adopt sealed circulation.

◎The operation cost is low: 1hour/day.operator is enough for normal operation. Low stirring speed and reasonable structure, the worn amount is few, and the maintenance fee is low.

◎Steady operation: The material particles fully contact heat transferring surface, because of the special compressing and swell-stirring effect of the chock shaped blade. The difference of the temperature, humidity and mixing effect are very small in the different axial area, so to ensure the stability of process.

The value of the sludge after drying

1, incineration treatment The dried sludge, the calorific value of approximately 1300 to 1500 calories, three tons of dry sludge can be equivalent to a ton of 4500 kcal of coal, mixed in coal in the boiler combustion, a ton of dry sludge can produce a ton of steam. Dry sludge and coal blending ratio of 100 tons of coal added to 200 kg of sludge.

2.Using sludge to make bricks It can add the clay brick, mass ratio of 1:10, the strength and ordinary red brick, and it can a certain amount of heat, in the process of fired brick can be spontaneous combustion, increase the heat.

3. Manufacturing biochemical fibreboard Under alkaline conditions, heating, drying, and after the occurrence of a series of physical and chemical changes in the role of physical and chemical changes, with this kind of degeneration of the activated sludge resin (protein adhesive), so that the fiber bonding, and the suppression of plate.

4, The admixture of cement .

5 landfill &compost Due to the fact that the sanitary landfill management is not in place, it is easy to produce two pollution, and the country has formulated the relevant standards and technical policies of sanitary landfill. The water cut of the mixed landfill is less than 60%, and the transverse shear is more than 25KN/ square meters. In fact, the water content of the cement cake is more than 80%, the use of direct landfill disposal has been limited by the existing regulations, do not allow direct landfill, the state has increased the law enforcement efforts in this regard. Due to the organic sludge containing nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, is necessary for the growth of crops. In the activated sludge, the crude protein and globulin of the organic ingredients is a good soil conditioner, and the sludge is stable and can be used as fertilizer. But until now, the society of the printing and dyeing sludge composting treatment still can not accept, did not get promotion.



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