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carbonization process of sludge
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carbonization process of sludge

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Sludge carbonization technology is a "dry distillation" of sludge in the process of anaerobic or micro oxygen in the carbonization process, so that the water evaporation from the sludge, but also to maximize the retention of carbon in the sludge process. The organic matter in the sludge is carbonization, the sludge properties similar to activated carbon, can be widely used for adsorption and dehydration, etc.. And the sludge volume is small, the sludge has no toxic gas, etc., will not cause the two pollution. So the sludge carbonization is a kind of economic processing technology which can not damage the environment and the resource reuse. Sludge carbonization technology not only can effectively deal with the sludge, but also can be made with high added value of activated carbon, the real realization of the waste of resource disposal.
Relying on the sludge carbonization technology, the continuous sludge carbonization equipment  researched by Zhengzhou Dingli , stable and reliable operation. The pretreated sludge feeding system is delivered to the mobile bed cracking processor, dry distillation under anaerobic conditions, produced by dry distillation of harmful gas mixture through the spray cooling system for collecting cooling and subsequent harmless treatment and hot air heating furnace burner discharge waste gas, after a strong atomizing and dust collecting system, treatment compliance after discharge. The waste slag is discharged from the slag system through the two stage, and then the sludge is recycled and used again.

1.The sludge treatment and disposal large, and must be resolved. As I had a sewage treatment rate and treatment capacity has gradually increased, sludge treatment and disposal market rapid development, while the secondary sludge contamination levels of government has become a pressing problem. Depth treatment of sludge has received attention and concern from all sectors.

2.Follow the trend of Technological Development Throughout the course of development of sludge treatment and disposal of developed countries in Europe and America, sludge treatment will be by a simple "dehydration" to "drying - incineration" and other advanced treatment process development, to achieve true "stable, harmless, resources . "

Sludge disposal should do
1 reduction. Space occupancy and transportation costs.
2 stabilization. Stability, reduce the safety hazard.
3 harmless. Reduce the growth of bacteria, to avoid the twice pollution.
4 resource. Resource utilization, realize the zero discharge of circulating.

The types and requirements of sludge


working principle:




1.ocean disposal
This approach is the most simple, the lowest cost, but also the application of one of the earliest, most primitive way, due to the oceanic jettison direct contamination of marine resources, has been the world convention constraints and prohibited.
2.Sanitary landfill
This disposal method is easy to implement, but occupy a lot of land resources, such as improper disposal will cause serious consequences, such as leachate will pollution of groundwater, the biogas produced will produce explosion waterfall inflammable dangerous, sanitary landfill to standard cost is very high, per ton of sludge landfill reached above150 yuan . utilization
Can be used to improve the soil of the sludge is generally refers to the sludge, is considered to have a way to develop potential, but this method also has a lot of limitations: if the sewage treatment process mixed with domestic sewage, it may cause excessive metal in the sludge, which lead to heavy metal pollution in soil.
4.Building auxiliary material
Due to the reasons of its viscosity, fuel consumption and water content, sludge can be used to make some sludge in a certain proportion, and then to obtain the finished building materials, and to achieve the purpose of section coal, water saving and sludge treatment. However, the scheme is restricted by the building material location and the scale of production, and can only be implemented in the surrounding areas, and the amount of material factory is restricted by the scale of building materials factory.
5.sludge incineration
Sludge incineration is one of the most thorough treatment methods, which can cause the organic substances in the sludge to be decomposed, kill the pathogen, and reduce the sludge volume, but the method has great investment, high cost of treatment, and part of the chemical sludge or sewage treatment process will produce a lot of dioxin.
6.Sludge pyrolysis
Sludge cracking is also a solution for sludge reduction and resource utilization. The method is to put the sludge into the sealed container after oxygen is heated to 400 -800, so that the high temperature of the organic components of the sludge is decomposed into combustible gas, and the gas or fuel is used for the process of purifying the dust. The program is now an important development direction.

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