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SDK Series Plate Dryer for Sludge
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SDK Series Plate Dryer for Sludge

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Application of plate dryer: municipal sludge, chemical industry, papermaking, petroleum and other), food residue, residue, rosacea, fertilizer, resin, and so on. Material from the feed inlet into the dryer, working medium flow between the casing and the hollow shaft, through the jacket, hollow shaft and its welding hollow disk heat transfer material is indirect heating drying, resulting in water vapor gathered in the dome of the dryer by carrier gas with a dryer. Hollow disc and the shaft is completely vertical, materials there is no cutting, the advance of the edge of a disc / agitator, the material of propeller stirring, constantly updated surface drying, so as to achieve the purpose of drying.

working principle:


The sludge is delivered into the dryer through feed inlet, the working medium flows between shell and hollow shaft, heat is transferred through the jacket, hollow shaft and hollow discs welded on the shaft and the sludge is indirectly heated and dried, the generated water vapor accumulated on the dome of dryer and is carried out the dryer by carrier gas. The hollow disc is almost perpendicular to the shaft and causes no cut to the sludge.By the edge of a disc drive / agitator and the material propulsion agitation, constantly updated surface drying, achieving the purpose of the material drying.



1 system load is small, high reliability, good luck, can work day and night, suitable for long time and large amount of material drying.

2 running time oxygen content, low temperature and dust, system security is good.

3 heat transfer area, compact structure, small size, good wear resistance.

4 auxiliary equipment less, the system is simple.

5 to set up the air supply port, the auxiliary air is less, and the tail gas treatment equipment is small.

6.The plate dryer can be used in the process of semi dry, dry process can also be applied to.

7 low grade saturated steam heat transfer medium. 8.Eight Solid structure, maintenance, maintenance is convenient, durable.

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