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9 standards for you choosing the suitable drying equipment

 Each of the drying equipments has its specific scope of application. Each of the materials has several drying equipment meet its basic requirements, however, the best one is the only one. If we choose the inappropriate model equipment, we will pay a heavy price , such as low efficiency, high energy consumption, high operation cost, poor quality products and even the equipment doesn’t work properly, etc. The following standards are just for reference.

1、 Low operation cost. Reduce the costs of depreciation, energy consumption, labors, maintenance, spare parts of the equipment.

2、 Give preference to the drying equipment with simple structure, enough spare parts, high reliability and long service life.

3、 Meet the requirement of the environment protection, good working condition and  high security.

4、 Do some drying experience of material before choosing the model. Know more about the advantages and disadvantages of the drying equipment, which is helpful for you to choose the model of the equipment.

5、 Don’t rely on the past experience completely. Pay attention to absorb new technology and listen to experts’ advices.

6、 The applicability. Drying equipment must apply to the specific material and meet the basic requirements. Include disposing material well and satisfying the requirements of capacity, de-watering amount and product quality.

7、 High dry rate. In the process of drying with convention, the material highly dispersed in the hot air, the critical moisture content is low, drying speed is fast. If the equipment is all convective dry, the drying methods is different, the critical moisture content is different, therefore, the dry rate is also different.

8、 Low energy consumption. Generally, the thermal efficiency of the conductive drying could reach 100% in theory, the convective dry only reach about 70%.

9、 Save investment. The drying equipments have the functions that can accomplished the same things. Sometimes the cost  is different. We should choose the low energy cost type. 

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